David Crawford JP


Born Co.Donegal, Ireland - c1759
Married 18th August 1791
Died Ballyshannon, Ireland - 8th November 1825
Burial St Anne's Church of Ireland, Ballyshannon.


David Crawford

David Crawford of Ballyshannon


Children Robert Crawford (1792-1824), James Crawford (1794-1855), Samuel Crawford (1795-1881), David Crawford (1797-1820), John Crawford (1798 dii), John Crawford (1800-1860), William Crawford (1801-1855), Andrew Crawford (1802-1873), Margaret Crawford (1803-1865), Mary Crawford (1805-?), Sarah Crawford (1807-1817), Hugh Crawford (1809 dii), Elizabeth Crawford (1811-1885), Hugh Crawford (1815 dii)
Spouse Sarah Caldwell (c1768-1853)
Siblings Jane (c1756-1814), James, Andrew (e1763-e1832), Mary
Parents James Crawford (c1723-c1810), Mary McIlwaine

You can see his grave inscription at St Anne's Church, Ballyshannon and read the extensive extract about him from The Crawfords of Donegal (section XXI).




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