Henry Powell


Born London - c1819
Married St Paul's, Deptford - 27 Dec 1840
Died 68 Nicholas Street, Hoxton Old Town, London - 16 Sep 1872
Burial ?


Clerk living and working in East London. Nothing definite is known about the origins of this Henry Powell. He is described variously as Commercial, Newspaper Agents and Mercantile Clerk in Censuses and certificates. Family folklore, based on comments by Emma Breach Powell (1880-1972), has it that the Powells came originally from Wales. For further research, there is an enigmatic note in one of Gail Henderson's (1947-1967) notebooks to "look at Powell family vault at Highgate Parish Church [London]".


Children Emily Ann Powell (c1842-), Matilda Powell (c1844-), Clara Powell (1847-), Henry Powell (1848-1929), Anne Powell (c1851-), Sarah Jane Powell (1853-), Fanny Powell (1855-), Richard Powell (c1859-), George Powell (c1861-), William Albert Powell (1864-).
Spouse Emma Breach (1821-1899)
Siblings ?
Parents Richard Powell (e1793-e1853)



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