Maud Florence Powell


Born Bermondsey, London - 6th July 1878
Married Almost certainly USA - in or after 1906
Died e1970
Burial Almost certainly USA

Almost never mentioned by her siblings - and thought of as the black sheep of the family. She emigrated from England to USA and wrote a Post Card from America saying "I am married and going to have a baby". Nothing more was heard of her or her possible family in USA. In estimating the date of her death, it should be noted that most of her siblings lived well into their nineties. She is recorded in the 1881 Census in Bermondsey, Surrey (now London). You can read more about her in the notes on Henry Powell (1848) and his family and also the details of her arrival at Ellis Island in USA in 1906.

Children ?
Spouse ?
Siblings Henry Franckling (Harry) (1876-1974), Emma Breach (1880-1972), Albert Olley (1881-?), Arthur Sidney (1884-1977), Richard William (Dick) (1890-1966)
Parents Henry Powell (1848-1929), Mary Ann (Polly) Frankling (1849-e1912)




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