James Cochrane


Born Edenmore, Co.Donegal - e1757
Married 1790
Died e1817


James Cochrane's daughter Fanny married James Thompson.


Children William Cochrane (e1782-e), John Cochrane (e1784-e), Fanny Cochrane (e1786-e1851)
Spouse Fanny Kincaid (e1760-e1825)
Siblings Fanny (e1755-e1785)
Parents William Coghran (1733-1793), Anne Dickson (e1734-e1799)


There is a problem with inadequate evidence about this James Cochrane and his cousin, another James Cochrane. They have a common grandfather, John Cochrane (c1690-c1760), but one James was fathered by John Cochrane's middle son Zacheus and the other by John's youngest son William. Family records also give the wife and children of each James, but unfortunately these same records do not tie either James to a specific father.
The concensus is that they were related as shown in this web site, but this is not certain.


For further information you can read about him in The Cochrane Family in Donegal, see the record for the other James Cochrane and also the mini family tree showing marriages with the Crawford and Kincaid families.



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