James Redman


Born Possibly Isle of Wight - 1786
Baptised St Nicholas, Brighton - 15th March 1801
Married St Nicholas, Brigthon - 4th June 1814
Died e1846
Burial ?


James Redman was a greengrocer in Brighton.


Children Jemima Redman (c1814-e1879), Priscilla Redman (c1818-e1883), Joseph Henry Redman (c1823-1894), Rosanna Redman (c1826-e1891), Sarah Ann Redman (c1827-e1892), William James Redman (c1830-e1890), Benjamin Mantell Allen Redman (c1832-e1892)
Spouse Jemima Sawyer (e1795-e1860)
Siblings Elizabeth (c1792-e1857), Joseph (c1805-e1865), Henry (c1805-e1865)
Parents Joseph Redman (c1753-e1813), Elizabeth --- (e1764-e1829)



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