Rev Joseph Kinkaid


Born Drumboy, Co.Donegal - c1724
Married (1) e1749
(2) c1772
Died Killinchy, Co.Down - 20 July 1782
Burial Killinchy Churchyard


The Revd Joseph Kincaid, Presbyterian minister first of Kilcaddan and Raphoe, Co.Donegal and then of Killinchy, Co.Down, where he died. He had two wives, Frances Cochrane who died aged 42 and then Catherine Tredenick; although as yet there is no evidence to show whether the second wife bore him any children.

There is a question about his father; one source has James and another has Joseph. However, there is little doubt that the Kincaids came across from Paisley in Scotland in the late 1600s.


Children (1)James Kincaid (e1750-e1810), Elizabeth Kincaid (e1751-e1816), Joseph Kincaid (e1753-e1813), John Kincaid (e1755-1817), Robert Kincaid (e1758-e1818), Fanny Kincaid (e1760-e1825), William Kincaid (e1763-e1823), Anna Maria Kincaid (1766-1844), Zacheus Kincaid (e1768-e1828)
Spouse (1) Frances (Fanny) Coghran (c1726-1769)
(2) Catherine Tredenick (e1738-1810)
Siblings John, James, 3 sisters
Parents James Kincaid (e1688-e1748)



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