Dr John Kincaid


Born e1755
Married e1792
Died 1817
Burial ?


Dr John Kinkaid of Kilcaddan. A surgeon in the East India Company and, after early retirement, a Magistrate for Co. Donegal. There is an interesting story (in a family letter of c1900 - see PHKU below) that one of John's brothers died young, leaving a family who John took care of and sent to America.


Children Joseph Kincaid (e1793-e1853), John Kincaid (e1795-e1858), Catherine Kincaid (e1797-e1862), Fanny Kincaid (e1799-e1864), Ann Jane Kincaid (e1801-e1866), Eliza Hannah Kinkaid (e1807-1847)
Spouse Anne Cochrane (e1771-e1836)
Siblings James (e1750-e1810), Elizabeth (e1751-e1816), Joseph (e1753-e1813), Robert (e1758-e1818), Fanny (e1760-e1825), William (e1763-e1823), Anna Maria (1766-1844), Zacheus (e1768-e1828)
Parents Rev Joseph Kincaid (c1724-1782), Frances Coghran (c1726-1769)


For further information read about him in the Partial History of the Kincaids of Ulster (PHKU) and see the mini family tree showing marriages with the Cochrane and Crawford families.




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