James Kincaid


Born e1750
Married (1) e1776
(2) e1787
Died e1810
Burial ?


James Kincaid's first wife produced four daughters who all married (Andrew Crawford, Rev William Huston, James Thompson and David Brown, respectively). The eldest daughter Fanny's marriage to Andrew Crawford illustrates one of the anomalies of drawing family trees. Her grandfather Rev Joseph Kincaid (born c1724) and her father-in-law, James Crawford (born c1723), were born at about the same time. However, her father James (born e1750) and her husband, Andrew Crawford (born e1772), although both of the next generation, were actually separated by the equivalent of a generation in years.
James' second wife produced one daughter Jane who married Dr Dennington of Strabane and emigrated to America.


Children (1) Fanny Kincaid (e1776-e1841), Eliza Kincaid (e1779-e1844), Mary Kincaid (e1781-e1846), Ann Kincaid (e1783-e1848),
(2) Jane Kincaid (e1788-e1853)
Spouse (1) Fanny Cochrane (e1755-e1785)
(2) unknown
Siblings Elizabeth (e1751-e1816), Joseph (e1753-e1813), John (e1755-1817), Robert (e1758-e1818), Fanny (e1760-e1825), William (e1763-e1823), Anna Maria (1766-1844), Zacheus (e1768-e1828)
Parents Rev Joseph Kincaid (c1724-1782), Frances Coghran (c1726-1769)



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