Joseph Henry Redman


Born Brighton, Sussex, England - 20th October 1848
Married St Nicholas Parish Church, Brighton - 9th May 1876
Died Wimpole Street, London - 9th October 1900
Burial ?


Photo of Joseph Henry Redman (II)

A Wimpole Street Dentist. LDS (RCS, Ireland in 1878), Doctor of Dentistry (Philadelphia). See his entry in the 1881 Census. He died prematurely from "mushroom" poisoning.


Children Ethel Redman (1877-1953), Harry Eastland Redman (1880-1950), Claude Redman (1882-1915), Enid Redman (1885-1966), Sydney Redman (1889-c1949).
Spouse Ellen Carden (1852-1932) a cousin
Siblings Anne Louisa (1843-e1908), Ellen (1845-1873), Emma (c1847-e1913), James Albert (1850-e1885), Kate (e1854-e1919), Alice Maud (c1855-e1920), Minnie (c1858-e1923), Nora (1860-e1925), Frederick William Carden (1862-bef1911).
Parents Joseph Henry Redman (c1823-1894), Ann Carden (c1822-1878)

WARNING: You may get confused initially with the Ellen wives because of the intermarriages between Cardens and Redmans, with a brother and sister (Alfred and Ellen) in the Carden family marrying a sister and brother (Ellen and Joseph) in the Redman family. In other words, Ellen Carden became Ellen Redman and Ellen Redman became Ellen Carden!


You can also read the notes by Lois Moriarty (née Redman) on the Redman Family.


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