Ellen Redman


Born 20 Frederick Street, Brighton - 7th December 1845
Married Ryde Parish Church, Isle of Wight - 14th Apr 1873
Died 14 Kensington Place, Brighton - 29th May 1873
Burial ?


Photo of Ellen Carden (née Redman)

The eldest child of Joseph Henry Redman (I). She died just six weeks after her marriage from what sounds like meningitis.


Children None
Spouse Alfred Carden (1849-e1909)
Siblings Emma (c1847-e1913), Joseph Henry (1848-1900), James Albert (1850-e1885), Kate (e1854-e1919), Alice Maud (c1855-e1920), Minnie (c1858-e1923), Nora (1860-e1925), Frederick William Carden (1862-bef1911).
Parents Joseph Henry Redman (c1823-1894), Ann Carden (c1822-bef1881)


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