Martha Little


Born Combermore, Lifford, Co.Donegal, Ireland - 16th May 1847
Married Lifford Church, Ireland - 20th May 1869
Died Lifford - 27th February 1931
Burial probably Lifford Churchyard.


Martha Little

Image kindly provided by her
gt-granddaughter Anne Fisher.


Children John Ernest Charles James, Robert Cecil, Edward (Ned) Webber Warren, Annie (Nancy) Frances, Hugh Crawford, Leonora (Nora) Josephine, Violet (Vi) Margaretta, Sydney Augustus, Ethel Grizel Mary (dii), Mary Elizabeth Robina (Robin) (1884-1957), Rupert William Henry, Henrietta Estelle (Stella), Philip (dii)
Spouse John Cochrane (1834-1901)
Siblings Robert (1843-1855), Charles Colhoun (1848-1924), Henrietta Catherine (1850-1945), John Stewart (1851-1940), Mary Anna (1853-1935), Eugenie Louise (1856-1945) Margaret Eliza (1857-1933)
Parents Robert Little (1814-1881), Henrietta Colhoun (1813-1874)




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